Mayoor sports program provides opportunities for physical activity, teamwork, leadership, and personal growth. 

Values of Mayoor School Jaipur

Empathy in service, integrity in work, perseverance in goals, autonomy in learning. When the values that shape us are guarded religiously, we are bound to become wholesome individuals with abilities, charisma and inner strength to transform everything and everyone around us. We become leaders of a brave new world who create new orders for the force of good.


The Mayoor Manifesto

The Co-Scholastic Program

Co-curricular activities are important because they hone life skills, leadership skills, and promote creativity and critical thinking. They provide opportunities for students to develop their personalities, explore their interests, and learn new skills beyond the classroom. These activities encourage students to take on challenges, work collaboratively, and develop a sense of responsibility and discipline. Through co-curricular activities, students can become well-rounded individuals with the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in the world.

Important Information