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Mayoor School Jaipur

Mayoor School Jaipur is a co-ed school affiliated with the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). It was established by the Global Institute of Technology Society (GIT Society). Mayoor School is the best school in Jaipur which offers education from Class 1 to Class 12.

The school provides its students with a range of facilities like a library, science laboratories, indoor and outdoor play areas, transportation facilities, day boarding, a residential hostel, smart classrooms, etc. Mayoor School Jaipur offers many co-curricular activities including STEM development, hobby clubs, debates and public speaking, heritage conservation, reading, dance and music, arts and crafts, and yoga and well-being.

Why Us

Creating the “Eton of India” was a dream envisioned by Colonel Walter in 1869 which became a reality with the founding of Mayo College in 1875 by Richard Bourke, 6th Earl of Mayo, who was the Viceroy of India from 1869 to 1872.

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Mr. Navin Dixit, Headmaster - Mayo College, Ajmer

Mr. Sanjay Khati, Principal - Mayoor School Ajmer

Mr. Naman Kandoi - Director, Mayoor School Jaipur

Global Institute of Technology Society

The ideals of promoting human capital through educational and academic pursuits have always been enigmatic to social entrepreneurs across ages. Providing the best facilities and never compromising on the outcomes desired by our students, we are pledged to the idea of creating excellence. The dream to engineer a better world by virtue of education keeps igniting our fire at every instance.

Global Institute of Technology (GIT) was established in the year 2002 by GIT Society to serve those ideals. GIT enjoys the privilege of being one of the first private engineering colleges to be accredited twice by NAAC-UGC and NBA. GIT has been pioneering technical education for the past two decades and has consistently ranked amongst the top engineering colleges of the state. GIT is an innovative and inspiring institution and prides itself on the global achievements of its 15000+ alumni. The need for establishing Mayoor School Jaipur was felt by GIT Society when the students enrolling showcased tremendous potential that was untapped during their formative school years. Only if the learning gaps had been identified sooner and rectified with tenets of experiential learning, these students would have realized greater success sooner. This revelation motivated GITS to establish a world class school in Jaipur with academic design and student agency at its core.

Values That Create The Ethos

Empathy in service, integrity in work, perseverance in goals, autonomy in learning. When the values that shape us are guarded religiously, we are bound to become wholesome individuals with abilities, charisma and inner strength to transform everything and everyone around us. We become leaders of a brave new world who create new orders for the force of good.

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Empathy helps in making better decisions by allowing individuals to understand and take into account the perspectives and feelings of others. This can lead to more inclusive and fair decision-making, as well as an increased ability to anticipate and address the potential consequences of a decision on those it may affect. Empathy also helps in building trust and cooperation with others.

Integrity can help an individual fully rejoice in their achievements by providing a sense of self-respect and self-worth. When a person acts with integrity, they are making choices that align with their values and beliefs. When one achieves something with integrity, they can be confident that the achievement was earned through honest and fair means, which can increase the sense of pride and happiness in the accomplishment.

Perseverance is the ability to persist in the face of adversity and to maintain motivation and determination in the face of setbacks. Without perseverance, even the most passionate person may give up when faced with obstacles, while a person with perseverance and grit may continue to work towards their goal despite difficulties. In other words, Passion can ignite the fire, but perseverance keeps it burning.

Autonomy is necessary in learning because it leads to greater engagement, motivation, and ownership of the material. When people have autonomy in their learning, they can set their own goals, select their own activities and manage their own time, which can lead to a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the subject as well as their ability to transfer their learning to new and unfamiliar situations.

Mayoor School Jaipur - Board of Management

Mayoor School Jaipur as one of the leading schools in Jaipur, is managed by a distinguished Board of Management, ensuring quality education and a nurturing environment.


Rajkumar Kandoi


Randhir V. Singh

Sr. Vice Chairman

Naman Kandoi

Vice Chairman

Pallavita Kandoi


Bhawani Singh


Vinod Agarwal


Ravi Santlani


Jagdeep Singh


Radhika Kumari


Ritu Sharma


Mayoor School Jaipur - Board of Advisors

Mayoor School Jaipur is guided by a distinguished Board of Advisors, ensuring excellence in education and holistic development.

  • Sh. Navin Dixit - Head Master Mayo College, Ajmer
  • Dr. Jagpreet Singh - Principal Doon School, Dehradun
  • Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat - Principal Good Shepherd, Ooty
  • Dr. SanjivBathla - Director, The Oasis School, Dehradun
  • Dr. R.S. Khedar - Director EHCC Hospital
  • Dr. Satish Bharadwaj - Dental Surgeon
  • Sh. Shishir Sharma - Bollywood Actor
  • Sh. Dilip Kumar Sirivastav - Ex Director HCL Infosystem
  • Mrs. Anshita Gupta - Founder, Sun India Primary School
  • Sh. P.L. Hissaria - Retd. District Judge
  • Sh. P.K. Goyal - IAS (Retd.)
  • Sh. Mahesh Goyal - IPS (Retd.)
  • Sh. Hira Lal Meena - Chairman RPSC (Retd)
  • Sh. Pritam Bijlani - Retd. District Judge
  • Sh. Mohan Lal Gupta - MLA
  • Sh. Raj Kumar Sharma - MLA
  • Sh. Dinesh Vijay - Chartered Accountant
  • Sh. Pracheer Surana - Renowned Jeweller
  • Sh. Sitaram Agarwal-Industrialist
  • Dr. Arun Agarwal - Social Activist